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Church-to-Church 10
June 17th 2017
Lake Seliger

Ostashkov city

5km, 10km, 1 mile, 5+5

What’s a Challenge?

Take part in one of Russia's iconic events and cross Lake Seliger – lost beautiful place between Moscow and St. Petersburg with picturesque islands and intricately indented coastline.
Lake Seliger is actually a system of lowland lakes, connected with each other by channels with unpredictable currents. So, be ready to demonstrate navigation skills in the open water.

Routes map

The event includes the following distances: 10 km, 5 km, 1850 m and 2x5 km relay races. The 10 km route and the first leg of the relay start on the beach near the Jiten Smolensk Icon Monastery in Ostashkov. The participants of the relay pass the baton on the Gorodomlya Island. A feeding point for 10 km race is also located there.

The 1850 m swimmers board the ship and start the race in front of the Nilo-Stolobensky Monastery. All routes have one finish gate on the beach at the Cape Svetlitsa. The tent camping and expo will also locate there.

Seliger vista points

The Seliger is one of the most beautiful lakes in Russia. The first color picture in Russia was taken here by photographer Prokudin-Gorsky. The swim will start at small and beautiful Jiten monastery and we will finish the distance near Nilo-Stolobenskaya Island. This place is simply amazing: just like a piece of classic Saint Petersburg has been taken and raised here in the middle of the lake.

There are no large cities or any kind of manufacture close to the lake so the water is clear and clean. And the favorite part is that you can reach this awesome place by car from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg in just a few hours on a decent road.


Please carefully read the Term and conditions
and Public offer before the register for the event

Choose the distance.

1 nautical mile
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5 KM
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10 KM
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Relay 5km+5km
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Entrance fee
4000Р (≈ €65)

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500Р (≈€8)


(Departure from Moscow on June 17th 5AM Departure back to Moscow on June 17th 10PM)

1700Р (≈ €27)

(Departure from SPb on June 16th 10AM Departure back to SPb on June 17th 10PM)

1500Р (≈ €24)
600Р (≈ €10)

(First and last name on the back)

1600Р (≈ €26)
2500Р (≈ €40)
4000Р (≈ €48)

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Entrance fee
7000Р (≈ €112)

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500Р (≈€8)


(Departure from Moscow on June 17th 5AM Departure back to Moscow on June 17th 10PM)

3400Р (≈ €54)

(Departure from SPb on June 16th 10AM Departure back to SPb on June 17th 10PM)

3000Р (≈ €48)
1200Р (≈ €20)

(First and last name on the back)

3200Р (≈ €52)
5000Р (≈ €80)
7000Р (≈ €)

Registration information

First participant

Second participant

Emergency contact

Comming soon

Agenda of the the race day

Friday, June 16th
8PM – early arrivers will have pasta party at organizers camp.

Saturday, June 17th
9AM - 12.30PM – registered participants receive their starter packages.
10AM – 11AM (approximately) – arrival time of bus transfers from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
1PM – race briefing in organizers camp. All further details concerning the swim participation will be given here. Attendance is obligatory for all participants, otherwise the participation is nullified. After briefing all participants move to the locker-rooms and to the start gate (take all necessary things for the start with you)

Time limits:
10km and relay 5 km+5 km – 5 hours
5 km – 2,5 hours
1-mile – 1 hour

3.15 PM organizers camp – 1-mile awarding ceremony
5PM organizers camp– 5 km awarding ceremony
7PM organizers camp – 10km and relay awarding ceremony
8PM till last one standing – after party in organizers camp
10PM – departure of bus transfer to Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Organizers team
Александр Базанов

Alexander Bazanov

Inspirer of the project

The organizer of sports and business events, marathoner, swimming coach, father of two children

+7 910 389 27 66


Марат Богдалов

Marat Bogdalov

GR Officer

Runner, dancer, fighter, ATCM PCM coach


Андрей Миндрюков

Andrey Mindryukov

Chief Customer Officer

The father of the son, the swimmer, the full time DIYer


Сергей Рыбкин

Sergey Rybkin

Chief Interface Officer

Designer, traveller, triathlete, father of two daughters, the architect of his own fortune.


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